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meg heller

a little about me

I was born and raised in Texas - Yee-Haw! - and now, Perth is my home. I love the beauty Perth has on display and I can't get over the amount of amazing sunsets I've seen while living here! 

I have dual degrees in Advertising and Spanish as well as a Teacher Certification. I have dabbled in different careers and jobs and have found my place chasing my passion in photography. 

I started my professional career photographing the austin live-music scene as a freelance photographer. I moved to Perth, Australia in 2014 where I currently contract work for a professional studio and a newborn photography company.

I love Fùtbol and Tex-Mex (which I miss the hell out of!) and despite having three cats, I'm really not a cat person! I am a compassionate humanist, I think kids are the greatest gift to the world and I love meeting people from around the world. 


my style 

I have worked in studio settings and I have to say, getting a variety of big impact shots in the least amount of time is a skill - that I don't possess.

It's just not how I work. During my sessions, I like to take the time to notice an opportunity for inspiration in that instance. I give moderate instructions and encourage you to forget that I'm there. I normally have no idea what you're saying to each other - I love sitting back to observe and document. 

Though each type of session is different, I apply the same attention, ingenuity and patience to provide you with the most authentic session and product.


A bit personal



MY first music video:  Karl morgan  ----->

I met my partner, Karl Morgan, in Austin while photographing the music scene. This is where I shot my first music video (first video ever). We moved to Perth in 2014. 





MY family video:  the morgans  ----->

Shortly after moving to Perth in 2014, we had our son, Ellis. I had high hopes of capturing more video when he was a baby, but Y'ALL, those months were tough! I did the best I could and I love having these little memories forever :)