your business

these are simple, small business promotional videos to get your name out there and get some more attention. videos are 30-90 sec and are fully edited with licensed music. you'll receive a consultation prior to the session to discuss ideas and a follow up after the session to discuss changes to video (up to three proofs). you'll receive an online link to the video and the video file on usb. 


video file +10 high-res photos    $750


your events

on the scene coverage for all types of events. these videos can be shared all over the world! use them for promotion, a behind the  schene look or for your website. this is a 1-3 min video documentation of the event, up to 4 hours coverage, fully edited with licensed music and usb with video file. 


video + 10 high-res photos $850


small promos

if you'd like to discuss multiple promotional videos, please contact meg for a custom quote.