This is a unique video session that focuses on the small moments that make up a normal day in your life. the depth of family videos goes beyond static photos (which have their own special place in the world). watch a few of the stories and you'll understand the power video can have on your emotions. it's your life in motion.


session details:

this is a 3-4 hour morning or afternoon session that includes a fully edited 2-3 min video with online link and licensed music. Price includes session and video. Photo products will be available for purchase. 



your family's story

the ross family has special news - make sure to watch to the end to find out what it is! 

by now life has changed for this family and i love that they have record of how life felt in this instance. 

let sombra studio create a family story in motion for you. 


special family visits


in perth, everyone is far from someone.

this nana lives in texas and made the trip to perth to visit her grandson. as the visits are few and far between for  internationals families, the time you spend together is that much more precious. i love both this stories in motion from nana's trip. i know it will be watched time and time again. 

Sombra studio would love to document your family's reunion and create a memorable video for your entire family. 


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